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Best Online Keno Sites Real Money

Best Keno GamesKeno is one of the most enjoyable lottery games. The Keno game has a fast-pace and allows you to select the amount of numbers, how much to wager, where to play, and check your winning numbers. You can select up to 10 numbers, ranging between 1 and 80. After selecting your number, 20 numbers are drawn using a machine similar to those used to draw bingo to lottery numbers. Keno is available at casinos and selected lotteries. In this guide, you will find out more about:

  • Keno numbers that get hit the most
  • How to Play the Game
  • The best online keno strategy
  • Keno payouts
  • Keno to go

Best Places to Play Keno Online

Online CasinosWelcome bonusPaymentEvaluationTo visit
1 Las Vegas USA
$3000 BONUS
230+ Games
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2 Planet 7 Casino
400% BONUS
230+ Games
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3 coolcat casino
330% BONUS
230+ Games
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4 Sun Palace Casino
150% BONUS
230+ Games
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5 Slots Plus casino
400% Bonus
130+ Slots
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6 dreams casino
25 Free Spins
200+ Slots
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7 Club Player Casino
450% Bonus
200+ Slots
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8 wild vegas casino
350% Bonus
150+ Slots
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9 Prism Casino
350% Bonus
100+ Slots
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10 palace of chance
500% Bonus
150+ Slots
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11 slots of vegas casino
400% Bonus
200+ Slots
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12 high country
$500 Bonus
200+ Slots
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13 Old Havana Casino
250% Bonus
300+ Slots
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14 Ruby Slots
25 Free Spins
150+ Slots
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15 Royal Ace Casino
385% Bonus
250+ Games
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16 Captain Jack
$3000 Bonus
250+ Games
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17 slots of madness casino
300% Bonus
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18 silver oak casino
320% Bonus
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Keno Number that Get Hit the Most

Keno consists of 80 numbers. Of which there are five numbers that get hit the most. These numbers are also known as hot numbers and include 1, 4, 23, 34, and 72. However, these can change at any time. Many suggest it is not possible to correctly guess all ten numbers picked. To try guess 15 of the numbers have very rare odds of 1 in 1,390,000. To increase your chances of winning, you need to closely observe what numbers are being drawn, note them down, and then play them.

Keno How to Play

The first keno games were played with balls that were imprinted with the numbers. They were placed in a see-through container that would spin around until 20 numbers were drawn.

Today, with online keno, players pick 20 numbers. The keno casino will then call 20 numbers, which determines the winners.

How to Start a Keno Game

  1. You will receive a card with numbers 1 to 80 on it.
  2. Pick the 10 numbers you think will appear on the next round to place your bet. Some online casinos may permit you to pick up to 15 or 20, depending on the keno game you are playing.
  3. Each keno game may also have its own betting and payout structures. However, the rules do not change of the different keno games.
  4. The numbers will then be called to determine the winners.
Best Online Keno Games

Popular Keno Games

There are a number of different online keno games. There is not much difference between each game. The main difference you will notice is the amount of numbers that are drawn, wager amounts, and the amount of numbers you can pick.

For each keno variant, the paytable is shown in the game. This will help give you an indication on what sort of payouts you can expect. It is a good idea to understand these paytables and the rules before you start playing. There are four common keno games.

1. Power Keno

This game uses the same basic rules of classic keno, but there is one additional feature. If you choose the number that is drawn last (as the 20th number), your winnings for the round will be quadrupled.

2. Super Keno

In Super Keno, you can look forward to a payout that is quadrupled if you have the number on your card that is drawn first.

3. Combination Keno

Combination Keno is one of the most versatile keno games. There are multiple ways in which you can win and more betting opportunities. In this variant, you can place bets on groups of numbers.

4. Monkey Keno

In this variant, the setting is completely different. Instead of the traditional drawing of numbers, there are monkeys that throw numbered coconuts on the table.

Keno Terms

Aggregate Limit: the maximum amount you can win in a single game of keno.

Bankroll: The amount of money you have set yourself to play keno.

Balls: The small numbered balls used in keno to determine the winning combination.

Bubble: The traditional container used to store the numbered balls.

Call: The act of calling out the number that has been drawn.

Catch Zero: A bet that not numbers will be marked off. Only some keno games offer this bet.

Deuce: Two keno numbers found next to each other that you have marked off.

Numbered Pool: The whole series of numbers from which keno numbers are drawn. This typically ranges between 1 and 80.

Straight Ticket: A standard keno ticket you can use for live keno and online keno.

Split Ticket: A keno ticket that has more than one set of keno numbers and played in one round.

Keno FAQs

  • What numbers are hit the most in keno?

  • The most frequently hit numbers in keno are 1, 4, 23, 34, and 72. However, these can change at any time.
  • How many numbers do you need to win on keno?

  • To win the highest payout, you need to play 10 numbers and match all of the numbers. However, there are other ways to win with the various keno games.
  • How do you win at keno every time?

    1. Choose keno games and casinos that offer good payouts.
      Practice free keno to get an idea of how to play.
      Bet on between 4 and 8 numbers.
      Don’t be afraid to bet on cold numbers.
      Choose a reputable keno casino.
  • How many numbers should I pick in keno?

  • In keno, you can choose 10 numbers ranging between 1 and 80. Match the numbers from the ones drawn to win.
  • What are the odds of hitting a 5 spot in keno?

  • The odds of hitting 5 out of 7 are approximately 115: 1. However, even if you only get three numbers, you will still receive a payout.

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