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Premier Roulette – Overview of the Game

Premier Roulette GamePremier roulette is a popular roulette game that uses a classic single-zero European roulette wheel. As one of the most popular roulette games, you have the choice to pace as many chips on any Premier roulette bet. There is also the option of call bets, which are made on a racetrack, and neighbor bets are allowed. This premier roulette game review will look at extra features this game offers, the bets, and tips for winning. We will also show you the best casinos to play for real money!

Rules of Premier Roulette

Premier roulette follows the standard European roulette rules. If you are familiar with these rules, then you will find premier roulette easy. The game features all your regular inside and outside bets, which include:

  • Straight ups
  • Dozens
  • Columns
  • Even / Odd
  • Red / Black

You will select your bet size and place the chips on the bet you want to place to play. Bet limits range between $0.25 and $1,000. To find out the payout for each bet, you can hover over the betting area on the table, and a pop-up will display the payout amount. You will get have a racetrack for neighbor bets such as orphelins, tiers du cyclindre, and voisins du zero, as well as red and black splits.

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Bet Payouts and Limits

Type of Bet

Bet Payout

Bet Limits

Straight Up Bet


$0.25 – $125

Split Bet


$0.50 – $250

Street Bet


$0.75 – $375

Corner Bet


$1 – $500

Line Bet


$1.25 – $625

Columns Bet


$1.75 – $875

Dozens Bet


$1.75 – $875

1-18/19-36 Bet


$2 – $1000

Odd/Even Bet


$2 – $1000

Black/Red Bet


$2 – $1000

Premier Roulette Expert Mode Features & Rules

Switching to the expert mode, you will have access to a few extra bets, these include:

  • Zero Game
  • 007
  • Finales en Plein
  • Finales a Cheval
  • Number Combo

Customisations in Premier Roulette

Premier roulette gives you the option to personalise your gaming experience. These options include:

  • Enable / Disable the zoom function
  • Switch to turbo mode for a much faster-paced game
  • Customize up to eight neighbor bets on the table
  • Autoplay option

House Edge and Limits of Premier Roulette

The average house edge for Premier roulette is about 2.70%. You are limited to bet up to $1,000 on outside bets and $125.00 on inside bets.


Premier roulette is an exciting roulette variation for those of you who are more experienced with the game. It is also available in a Premier Roulette Diamond. Edition, which ups the stakes a little. The user-face of the game is very simple, with a clean look, there are no distractions. Place your bets at the Premier Roulette table and feel like a VIP. Place your bets today and increase your winnings.

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