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Play Baccarat for Real MoneyOnline baccarat is a card game played with six or eight decks of cards that is dealt from a shoe. The cards shuffled before each new round. Baccarat online is one of the simplest card table games to play. Many players enjoy the baccarat game for its fixed rules and limited game options. In this game of Punto Banco, or player versus banker, the hand closest to a total of 9 wins. The final hand is based on two or three cards. Other common baccarat variants available at USA online casinos are Chemin de Fer and Banque.

Online baccarat is a classic online gambling game choice for its house edge that is lower than other casino games. Players can bet on any hand they think will win. This includes betting on their own hand, the hand of the banker or a tie bet result. Use this online baccarat guide to explore the game and find out where to play real money baccarat online.

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Real Money Online Baccarat: How to Win in America

Learning to play real money baccarat is easy. Understanding the basics of baccarat will you play like a pro. Winning with baccarat requires little to no skill. However, with the right strategy and little bit of luck winning with real money online baccarat will be a little bit easier. Below is a step by step with the basics to winning with online baccarat.

Step 1 – Place Real Money Online Baccarat Bets

Place your bets on the hand you think will win the round. This can either be your hand (the player’s hand), the banker’s hand or a tie result.

Step 2 – Receive Online Baccarat Cards

The banker will deal out two cards each. Cards are scored in the following way:

  • Aces: 1
  • Face Cards and 10: 0 (have no value)
  • 2-9: Carry their face value

Step 3 – Count Online Baccarat Card Values

Card values that go over 9 into double digits, lose their first digit to make the hand total. (14 = 4)

Step 4 – Count Final Hand

The highest card value wins, unless there is a tie.

Playing USA Online Baccarat for Real Money

Play real money online baccarat for lucrative payouts at top US casinos online. In this game, you always have a chance to win. If your hand loses the round but you were lucky enough to bet on the banker’s hand, you can still win. This is what makes online baccarat for real money one of the best casino games to play. Below are the winning payouts for each hand you bet on successfully:

  • Bets on the Player pay 1:1.
  • Bets on the Banker pay 1:1 – 5% commission.
  • Any tie bet pays 9:1

When playing baccarat for real money, always remember the odds of the game. The player’s bet wins only 49.3% of the time. However, the banker’s bet wins on average more times with 50.58%. Tie bets on the other hand have a 44.62%-win average.

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History of Online Baccarat in the United States

The original baccarat game was a form of Italian baccarat. This is known as the name of the game translates from Italian word meaning ‘zero’. The first baccarat game was played with tarot cards. This game has come a long way since it was played by a gambler named Felix Falguiere in the middle ages.

As they game grew more popular, it was adopted all over Europe and America Common baccarat variants include Chemin de Fer, as it was known in the Casino Royale blockbuster, and Punto Banco. Today there’s no need to travel around the world to play these common baccarat variants. Top-rated online baccarat casinos offer players all these popular variants in one place.

US Online Baccarat Tips & Odds

When playing baccarat online, there are few tips to help increase your chance of winning.

  • Watch the previous hands, bet on the hand with the winning streak. For example, if the banker has won 4 out of the last 5 rounds, chances are you should place a bet on the banker’s hand, until the winning streak reduces.
  • Don’t wager on a hand that is against a winning streak.
  • With an eight-deck shoe the house edge is as follows;
    • Players’ bet 1.06%
    • Bankers’ bet is 1.24%
    • Tie bet has a house of edge 14.36%.
  • In a single deck baccarat game, the house edge is as follows;
    • Bankers’ bet is 1.29%
    • Players’ bet is 1.01%
    • Tie bet has a house edge of 15.57%.
  • In a six-deck baccarat game the house edge is as follows:
    • Bankers’ bet is 1.24%
    • Players’ bet is 1.06%
    • Tie bet is 14.44%.
  • If you can count cards, adjust you bet when lower value or face cards have a greater chance of being dealt with the next hand.
  • The banker’s hand has greater odds of winning.

Popular Online Baccarat Terms for Americans

  • Baccarat: The name of the game actually refers to the worst possible hand. This is a hand of consisting of two cards that amount to zero.
  • Bankroll: A term used in baccarat and all casino games to refer to the total amount of money a player has to bet with.
  • Chemin de Fer: This is a popular variant of baccarat that originated from European casinos.
  • Commission: A fee charged when a baccarat player wins from betting on the banker. This fee is usually 5% of your winnings. This is to compensate for the decreased house edge of this casino game.
  • House Edge: A mathematical calculation for the advantage a casino has on a bet.
  • Natural: When a player receives a hand of 8 or 9. This hand wins instantly and ends the round.
  • Punto Banco: Another popular baccarat variation which originated from South America.
  • Push: This is a bet that hasn’t won or lost anything and gets carried over to the next round.

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