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How to Play Video Poker Online

Learn how to play video poker with our exclusive free beginner’s guide. Video poker is a poker slot machine game based on a five-card draw. it is a simple game that starts off by you placing a bet worth one or more credits.

Video poker offers some of the best odds. Where as other games like slots are based on luck, video poker allows you to put your card skills to the test. Find out more about how to play video poker online as we reveal the best video poker machine secrets.

About Video Poker

Since video poker has been taken online, this casino game has seen a worldwide rise in popularity. Traditional players of the classic card game of poker might feel intimidated by the new technology behind video poker. The truth is, video poker games are the best way to experience poker at an online casino in a slot machine style. Video poker comes in a range of different formats that each have their own original bonuses, but stay true to the card game of poker. Online casino players can enjoy the convenience of playing video poker in a private setting, without crowded poker tables. Poker is usually played at a much faster pace than is needed while playing online video poker gives you the luxury of time. Still not confident you can take on the machine to win big cash prizes, simply follow our step by step guide on how to play video poker online.

Practice Video Poker and Win

Playing any of our video poker variations is truly rewarding and fun at the same time. Video poker online is the same game you get at real-world casinos. You can access an online casino anywhere with a good internet connection. Before players bet with any real money, they should learn the basics on how to play video poker.

Dealing Cards

Players begin every game by getting dealt a hand of five cards, which only they can view.

Video Poker Hands

Players then need to identify a possible hand they may from the initial cards dealt. They can use the poker pay tables as a guide to decide which cards to discard and replace.

Play the Round

Decide which cards to discard. These cards will then be replaced in hopes of getting other cards which you could use to make a hand on the pay table for a payout.

Choosing Cards

The hands are the same as the classic card game of poker, so if you know these already, it will help guide you on which cards to let go of.

Determine the Winner

Finally, if you have a winning hand, the video poker machine will pay you automatically. Players are paid out according to which hand they have from the pay table.

Poker Hands from the Pay Table

  • Royal flush: This hand is extremely rare in any video poker game as it is made up of all the highest face value cards, from the same suit. For example; 10, J, Q, K, and A.
  • Straight flush: With this hand, players need a sequence within the same suit of cards.
  • Four of a kind: The cards needed for this hand are any four with the same face value from different suits.
  • Full house: Any three cards with the same face value and different suits plus a pair of cards with the same value from different suits.
  • Flush: A flush needs all cards to be from one suit but in no particular order.
  • Straight: To get this hand, players need any sequence of cards from any range of suits.
  • Three of a kind: Any three cards with the same value from different suits.
  • Two pair: Any two sets of cards that have the same face values.
  • Pair: The lowest hand that needs two Jacks or better to rank.

Video Poker Online Playing Tips

  • Know the video poker variant: Crazy Vegas Casino offers a list of video poker variations that you can play. We recommend picking one that you like and enjoy, and that suits your budget and playing style.
  • Free video poker: We allow video poker players to test out our variations for free. This way you can learn the game by playing and not losing a thing. You can also find your favourite video poker variant by giving them all a test run before you start betting real money.
  • Strategize and be time-wise: Video poker online provides players with a game they can play at their own pace. We suggest playing Joker’s Wild or Deuces Wild, which contain wild joker cards that can substitute for any cards you need to make a winning hand from the pay table.

Play Video Poker Online at the World’s Best Online Casinos

Experience poker games online with the best bonus codes and more. Play free video poker for real money with the most lucrative casinos. Join the video poker journey for a house edge that is in your favour.

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