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French Roulette Wheel & Table

French roulette is the ultimate, vintage-styled roulette game. It pays homage to the sophisticated, decadent era of Europe, and epitomizes that fashionable French style. It’s simply a revolutionary roulette game and is easy to play at any French roulette online casino.

Each bet type has its own French roulette payout. The French roulette simulator has numbers 0 to 36, and it has the French roulette table with various betting options and chips sizes. Let’s take a closer look at French roulette vs European, and see why you should play French roulette.

Why Play French Roulette?

French roulette is simply elegant, fun, and wildly exciting. Crazy Vegas offers roulette a vividly displayed gaming table, with bold colors, and Lady Luck sitting right next to you at the luckiest table in the house. There are massive wins up for grabs, and a sensational gaming experience like no other. Crazy Vegas Casino offers several variations of this popular casino game. Check them out right now with a new casino account.

French Roulette Table

French Roulette Rules

French Roulette Rules

French roulette follows the same roulette wheel and rules as the European game. But, there are a few additional rules when the zero comes in to play. When the ball lands in the zero pocket, not all even money bets are lost. Instead, one of two rules apply:

  1. En Prison Rule: When you translate “En Prison” it means in prison. With this rule, when the ball lands on zero, your bet is not lost. Instead, it will stay remain there for the next round. However, if the ball lands on the zero pocket for consecutive spins, then the bet is lost.
  2. La Partage Rule: When you translate “La Partage” it means splitting. With this rule, when the ball lands on the zero number, you will lose only half of your bet.

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