Casinos that Accept Credit Cards

Best Credit Cards for Online GamblingCredit card casinos allow you to use your credit cards to make deposits and withdrawals. The credit card payment methods offer a more familiar way to make transactions at online casinos.

Making a deposit at credit card casinos is quick and easy, and offers some of the fastest payouts. This guide will give you information on the best credit cards for online gambling. The most popular credit cards include include VISA, MasterCard, Discover & American Express. Find out how to use your credit card to play your favorite casino games for real money.

Top Credit Card Casinos

Types of Credit Cards

Finding the best credit card to use may be challenging as not all brands are accepted. Here is a list of commonly accepted card issuers by online casinos.


VISA was introduced in 1958 and today, VISA credit cards account for a majority of the market share at approximately just over 50%. VISA cards are internationally accepted in over 200 countries and publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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MasterCard was first introduced in 1966 and today, the company has an estimated 31% of the market share. It is accepted in 210 countries with over 25 000 financial institutions across the globe issuing their brand.


Discover was founded in 1985. Today, the company has roughly 8% of the market share and is accepted in 50 countries. They are well-known for offering clients cash-back bonuses for using their Discover card.

American Express

American Express, otherwise known as Amex was founded in 1850. It is one of the most reputable credit card companies and is accepted in 160 countries.  This credit card issuer is known for their excellent support. However, American Express requires clients to pay annual membership fees.

Depositing at Credit Card Casinos

Using your credit card for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos is an easy process.

  • Register a real money account at any one of our recommended casinos.
  • Go to the banking section and select deposit.
  • Select your preferred credit card brand.
  • Insert the card details required. This may include the credit card number, expiry date, name on the card, and CVV number.
  • Insert the amount you would like to deposit.
  • The funds will be available in your casino account almost instantly.
  • As extra security from your credit card issuer, you may be required to insert a unique code sent to your mobile, before the deposit can be processed.

Withdraw at Credit Card Casinos

Just like making a deposit, players can follow the same process to make a withdrawal using their credit card.

  • Once you have hit a winning streak or you would like to withdraw any funds from your casino account, you can head to the credit card banking section.
  • Select withdrawal and your credit card brand.
  • Insert the credit card information where you would like to transfer the money to.
  • Select the amount you would like to withdraw.
  • Our tip, if you have hit the jackpot, we recommend you do not withdrawal all of your winnings. This will prevent you from making a deposit soon after winning.
  • Withdrawals may take a few days to process.

Advantages of using your Credit Card

  • Players can use one banking method for all transactions.
  • Players are only required to insert their card details the first time they use them.
  • A high level of security is provided.
  • Players can easily find an online casino accepting credit cards for transactions.
  • Quicker withdrawal time compared to other methods. Withdrawing casino funds to your credit card may take up to 3 days.

Disadvantages of Credit Card Casinos

  • Some credit card companies may not be accepted by online casinos.
  • Selected casinos may not allow players to use their credit cards for withdrawals.
  • There may be additional tax charges for using your credit card for withdrawals.
  • Using your credit card to make a deposit or withdraw requires you to insert personal information. This may be risky as it opens up vulnerabilities to credit card fraud.

Credit Card Casino FAQs

Do online casinos accept credit cards?

Yes, credit cards are widely accepted at online casinos. Almost every gambling site offers players the choice to use their credit card for deposits and withdrawals. However, the types of credit cards accepted by casinos differ with each site.

Are there deposits limits for using a credit card?

The limits for depositing with a credit card are generally higher than other transaction methods. So, chances are you will not have any issues with depositing with a credit card.

Are there any payment processing fees for using a credit card?

Online casinos will not charge any additional costs for using your credit card. All the transaction fees incurred will be between your and your financial institution.

Can you use a credit card to play slots or table games?

Online casinos will not charge any additional costs for using your credit card. All the transaction fees incurred will be between your and your financial institution.

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